Dienstag, 11. November 2014

vom vermissen.

oh, i miss you indonesia.

i miss the air in the morning, when it's still fresh and smells like flowers and woodfire and kretek. i miss having soto for breakfast in that little shop and searching for pisang goreng in that big bowl between all the pieces of tempe. and the happiness when i find one, and then we sit outside, eat soto and read the newspaper. i miss looking out for gunung merapi every morning, cause it's hidden behind the clouds most if the time. i miss the sun and that it's not colder than maybe 20°C. i miss our green house, the geckos and their calls in the night and how manfred jumps around, just being the happy cat he is. i miss to plan dinner with arthur and how we go to the big pasar and look for special ingredients or coffee or other stuff. or we just stop by in one of the many ibu places. i miss the people on the streets and the colors and the food everywhere. i miss going to the same pecel lele for dinner and the little cat that sleeps next to my feet and having the usual: tempe-terong. i miss going around on the motorbike and looking together at every nice vespa on the way. i miss walking around in a fancy mall and then we go home to our nice little green house in the kampung and don't miss a thing there. i miss that simple life and that i'm forced to think about how to figure out things by myself or with arthur's help. and that it works. that i'm able to wash my clothes by hand and fix them, too. and that i'm not freaking out over a cockroach anymore (only when it flies directly in my face...).

i have so many plans for the next time and i hope i can realize at least some of them. and then there's also arthur and our relationship and our plans together and i cannot wait to make them real and see, what life has prepared for me.

i miss you, indonesia. i'm back soon.

passion flower in front of our house. turns into delicious fruit.

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